Green Shipping All the Way
At EcoZaar, we adhere to the green methodology of shipping our products. After all, what is the point for being environmentally-friendly if we don’t utilize Green Shipping as our means to deliver to our customers! When you receive a product from us, rest assured will be packed and shipped as per the green standards we so strongly stand with.
With your help, we are able to better influence the people around us, even the shippers and the vendors with whom we work with to change their ways towards sustainable ones. We are constantly working with our suppliers to ensure that we offer you innovative, recyclable and sustainable packaging and shipping materials.
When you order from EcoZaar, you are getting the item directly from us. There is an added environmental impact when something has to go from one place to another on more than one occasion and this is something we would very much like to reduce. Other than this we also encourage our shippers not to use extra packaging materials.
We strive to improve upon our shipping processes to make them more efficient and less impactful on the environment.
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